Lewis is an Autism Hero!


Lewis is one of our inspiring Autism Heroes. Recently, he stood up in front of his peers and shared with them the video, ‘5 Questions About Autism’ to educate them about his very own superpower!


His teacher was so inspired by his bravery she has shared his story with us:

Lewis was nervous to begin with but the class watched the film in total silence and then proceeded to ask some very empathetic and sensitive questions, which Lewis answered clearly and confidently. Then a bit of a snowball effect within the class took place, as many other children put up their hands to talk about their various disabilities or barriers. These ranged from ADHD and Dyslexia to Ehler-Danlos Syndrome and Chronic Pain Syndrome. He finished by telling the class he doesn’t wish there was a cure for Autism as he wouldn’t be who is if he was ‘cured’.

I was so blown away by Lewis’ bravery for sharing his personal story with the class but also how this in turn inspired bravery in his classmates to share their stories too.


Check out Lewis’s video below to see his perspective on Autism and why it is his superpower!


Thank you for sharing your experiences Lewis and for sharing these incredible videos to teach others about Autism.


You can find out more about our Autism Heroes program here and share your very own story with us.