Kaylee is her Brother’s Biggest Advocate!

Aimee recently wrote in to tell us about her son, Tyler and his incredibly supportive sister, Kaylee. Aimee writes:

“Tyler was born in 2014 – he had a rough entry into the world and was a very unsettled baby, the nights were long. He has always been so active and energetic, he never runs out of energy. He never really spoke much at all and would never make any eye contact or point to objects. I had become so used to how Tyler was that I didn’t even notice the signs of autism until he was age 2 and a half. I was honestly struggling to get through each day; he was very emotional and frustrated because he couldn’t tell me what he needed. Finally at age 3 we got a diagnoses of Autism level 2 and mainly nonverbal. That day was so hard for us; I remember sitting in the chair with the paediatrician – Tyler was on the floor screaming and kicking her desk – we both sat there in tears.

So much was going through my mind all at once, but once we got all the diagnosis done and funding approved we found the Autism association of WA and they have been amazing from day one. Tyler has improved drastically with eye contact, verbal communication and social skills. They even come to his school for visits and help with strategy’s for Tyler at school. We still have a lot to learn but nothing is impossible; I’m truly so blessed to have one amazing little boy – he lights up every room he walks into with his beautiful smile.” 

Tyler’s sister, Kaylee, aged 7 years old is a constant advocate for her younger brother and is truly an Autism Hero!

” My daughter Kaylee has a brother with autism; he’s just 4 years old. She educates other children about autism all the time. She has the biggest heart; she cried when her brother had his first hair cut  – it broke her heart to see him so sad. On autism awareness day, Kaylee made autism loom band bracelets and raised $30 for the Autism Association of WA . She is an Autism hero and her little brother is her reason. “

Thank you to Aimee for sharing her story with us!