Autism Heroes Education Pack

What is the Autism Heroes Education Pack?

Designed with the Australian National Curriculum in mind, the Autism Heroes Education Pack contains lesson plans, a video and worksheets for students in Years 3–6. There are also a range of resources that are designed to help you prepare and deliver the pack and to support understanding of Autism within your school.

The goal of Autism Heroes is to build student knowledge about Autism and teach students how they can support people with Autism in their classroom and school environment.

Who is Autism Heroes for?

The Autism Heroes Education Pack has been created for anyone in an education role, including teachers, Education Assistants (EAs), specialist teachers, school leadership teams, administrators and so on. Families, staff and other people within your school community may also find this pack useful.

How do you use Autism Heroes?

Autism Heroes has been specially developed by the Autism Association of Western Australia (Autism Association) for you to deliver to your students over the course of four lessons. It is structured in six parts and includes:


An important resource to help deliver the lessons in your school, this is an informative video about Autism that includes simple strategies for students to support their peers with Autism.

The Resource pack

The resource pack includes:

Lesson Plans

Two sets of lesson plans that align with the school curriculum – a set for Years 3–4 and the other for Years 5–6

Resources and Tip Sheets

The worksheets that you need for each lesson and other recommended Visual Supports.

Plus, a variety of helpful ideas, tips and information on Autism and Autism Heroes.

How do I access the Autism Heroes Education pack?

The Autism Heroes Education pack is available to purchase for $25.

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